coconut oil Supplier

Coconut oil (Cocos nucifera oil) is found in many personal care and beauty products such as lip balms, skin moisturizers, and hair conditioners. You've probably noticed the terms "unrefined," "refined," and "virgin" on coconut oil labels. But what do these terms mean? What is the difference between them and which is the best? Fresh coconuts What is coconut? Coconut (Cocos nucifera) is a member of the palm family (Arecaceae) and is the only species that is classified in the family of coconuts (Cocos). Coconuts have been used by humans for thousands of years and may have been spread to their current range by settlers from the Pacific Islands. Milk, white meat in coconuts, water and of course oil are all obtained from coconuts. What is more interesting is that all components...

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Senjed supplier and benefits of Senjed for your healthy

Senjed or Oleaster fruit, commonly referred to as Senjed in Iran IGDE in Turkey , and famous by names such as wild olive and silver berry is a product of a tree by the same name, scientifically known as Elaeagnus angustifolia. Hosna export company is senjed supplier from IRAN and Uzbekistan. Senjed is a fruit that must be considered some of specification for import Type of Senjed : due to Senjed have some  types , you should consider a type have good flavor. Size : there are 4 size for Oleaster and you try to buy Senjed with this size 14 mm to 16 mm. Color : remember buy Oleaster with color near to red because these...

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Currant supplier and important producer in the world

There are kind of dried grapes in international business but some of them are currant supplier and producer . Currant is one of dried fruits that sell in different market. Producer countries for currants : Chile , Greece , turkey , Uzbekistan and Afghanistan are producer of this kind of dried grapes in international market. Currants Hs Code : In international market currant known with 08062090 harmonized code Kind of currants : We have 2 kind of currant in the world. seedless : this currant suppliers are Chile , Uzbekistan , Afghanistan with seed : usually main currant suppliers for that Turkey and Greece. Which country has better quality for...

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