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Currant supplier and important producer in the world

There are kind of dried grapes in international business but some of them are currant supplier and producer .

Currant is one of dried fruits that sell in different market.

Producer countries for currants :

Chile , Greece , turkey , Uzbekistan and Afghanistan are producer of this kind of dried grapes in international market.

Currants Hs Code :

In international market currant known with 08062090 harmonized code

Kind of currants :

We have 2 kind of currant in the world.

seedless : this currant suppliers are Chile , Uzbekistan , Afghanistan

with seed : usually main currant suppliers for that Turkey and Greece.

Which country has better quality for currant?

We have many experience in this field and know some of type for currant.

Usually known currant with size and quality .

Uzbekistan has different size and quality for that product and they have best of currant seedless in the world. But because of many problem for export of this country until now they coudnt famous in this field.

Size of currant known with Pieces by count in 100 Gm.

Big size is 50 pieces in 100 Gm

Medium is 80 pieces in 100 Gm

And for small size is 100 and more pieces in 100 Gm.

Color is important in price of currants: if you have more black currants  or less red currants in your products, its better. The blacker this product is, the better its quality.

What should be the humidity of dried grapes? 

The dried grapes shall have a moisture content not exceeding:

18.0 per cent for seedless varieties except for Monukka variety at 19.0 per cent

20.0 per cent for currants

19.0 per cent for seed-bearing varieties and

31.0 per cent for Malaga Muscatel variety treated with preservatives or preserved by

other means.

Where are destination port for currant suppliers?

Chile is bigger exporter of currants in the world .this country sent his products to the United States , Netherlands , Peru , China , Mexico and United Kingdom.

Greece export his currants to United Kingdom , Netherlands , Australia , Germany , India and Turkey.

Destination port for Uzbekistan currants are China , turkey , united Arab emirates , Russia federation , Azerbaijan , Ukraine , Iraq and Iran.

Many of Afghanistan currants export to United Arab Emirates , Iran and India.

If you looking for currant suppliers , Hosnaexport is one of them .

We can supply this products of Uzbekistan , Afghanistan and Turkey. connect us for more details

Specification for currant order :

Product : currantspecification
HS CODE:08062090
GRADE :A , B ,
SIZE:8-10 , 10 -12 12-14
Minimum order :One container

What is the wholesale price of exported Currants?

Another artichle

How can you order currant by Hosnaexport company ?

For import currant by Hosna export company you should send :

  1. Formal inquiry with details (letter of intent )
  2. We give you corporate offer (proforma invoice)
  3. Agreement to proceed and purchase order
  4. Deposit paid to our account
  5. Lead time and schedule
  6. Packing in due your inquiry
  7. Freight and certification for import currant (fob , c&f , cif)
  8. Balance payment
  9. Delivery currant to customer

Benefits of Black Raisins

1. Prevents Anaemia

One of the foremost black raisins benefits for females is their ability to prevent anaemia. Loaded with iron, black raisins play a crucial role in raising the haemoglobin levels in the blood and therefore cure anaemia.

If you consume just a handful of black raisins each day, it can ensure that you are meeting the daily iron requirements of the body.

2. Black Raisins for Weight Loss

I tried everything to lose some extra pounds, and nothing is working effectively? Then it is time to try some black raisins for breakfast.

Black raisins soaked in water overnight benefits you by controlling hunger pangs. Therefore, you can manage your food intake and prevent extra calorie intake.

3. Black Raisins Good for Skin

Dealing with premature ageing of your skin can get exhausting. Rich in antioxidant content, black raisins prevent free radicals from damaging skin and finally ageing.

Besides, other black raisins’ benefit for skin is their ability to protect the skin from sun damage and pollution.

4. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Tired of dealing with high cholesterol levels, and it is restricting you from having your favourite foods? Well, try black raisins to keep it under control.

With anti-cholesterol compounds present in it, black raisin benefits your cardiovascular health by reducing LDL or bad cholesterol levels. Additionally, the soluble fibre plays a crucial role in flushing out the cholesterol in the body and also restrains various cholesterol-absorbing enzymes.

5. Black Raisins Advantages for Teeth & Bone Health

When you are looking for calcium-rich foods, and you love some extra dose of dry fruits, then choose black raisins without any worry. Rich in calcium, it is excellent for people dealing with osteoporosis. Besides, it also contains Boron, a micronutrient required for healthy bones.

In addition to that, one of the significant black raisins health benefits is the way it benefits oral health. With oleanolic acid present in it, black raisin prevents the tooth from decaying and fights against germs and cavities.

6. Regulates Blood Pressure

If one of the leading health issues we are currently fighting is diabetes, then the other one is high blood pressure. One of the main benefits of black raisins soaked in water is the amount of potassium it provides.

Eat a handful of soaked black raisins early in the morning, and it will lower the sodium level, which is one of the main culprits behind increased blood pressure. So, by balancing sodium and potassium levels in the body, black raisins play a crucial role in controlling blood pressure levels.

7. Black Raisins for Hair

It’s high time that you say a significant ‘NO’ to hair loss without spending a fortune. Black raisin’s price is not that high, and it can help you a great deal in maintaining blood circulation throughout the scalp. Therefore, it finally contributes to more minor hair falls.

Did you know that black raisins can also prevent your hair from untimely greying? Well, even if it sounds surprising, it is true. Loaded with iron and vitamin C, it helps in fast absorption of the mineral to provide proper nourishment to the hair.

8. Drains Impurities from Blood

Do you know that most of the time, our skin issues arise from impurities in our blood? When your blood gets full of toxins, waste materials, and some other impurities, your skin gets dry, acne-prone, and dull.

Raisins benefits are primarily controlled by the antioxidants it provides. The antioxidants help accelerate the functions of the liver and the kidney and therefore purify the blood better.

9. Black Raisins Benefits For Constipation

When they say that a healthy gut is a way to a healthy body, we can’t agree more! Loaded with dietary fiber, black raisin can be your companion for a healthy gut and digestive system.

Black Kishmish benefits your health by clearing your digestive tract. Therefore, it keeps your stomach free from constipation and reduces bloating and flatulence as well.

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