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Magical properties of Omani lemon

lemon Omani

Omani lemon has a bushy and leafy tree with many thorns and its height reaches 5 meters. The main trunk of the plant rarely grows straight and has a number of side branches. The leaves are oval in shape and very similar to the leaves of an orange tree.

Omani lemon has yellow-white flowers and the edges of the petals are light purple. . Lemon flowers will be fertile in the summer months.

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Omani lemon

How to prepare it

Omani lemon is a dried fruit and is used as a seasoning in Iranian dishes. Fresh Amani lemon has a mustard color and a very sour taste that cannot be used fresh. Fresh lemons are left in the sun to dry and turn black inside.

The color of its outer shell is from yellow-brown to black. Amani lemon is available whole or Supplied..

Amani lemon plant is native to South Asia. It is also cultivated in America and Latin America
This plant is planted in different regions of south and southeast of Iran. Areas such as Bandar Abbas, Minab, Jahorm, Jiroft, Kohnouj and Shiraz.

Properties of Omani lemon

Omani lemon
  • Prevent heart diseases
  • Strengthening a healthy digestive system
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Anti-cancer properties
  • Strengthen the stomach
  • anti flatulence
  • Antiseptics
  • It is appetizing
  • Headache reliever
  • Relieves cough and cold symptoms

Gastrointestinal antiseptic

Omani lemon

Its complications

Its high consumption can cause many problems;

  • Pouring Omani lemon in tea can reduce its properties to a great extent.
  • Do not use Omani lemon in all kinds of stews and foods. Omani lemon acts like a sponge and completely absorbs the oil, spices and salt in the food.
  • Consuming Omani lemon on an empty stomach causes a lot of damage to the intestines and causes heartburn.

he difference between black and yellow Omani lemons

If you use Omani lemon with home methods, it will be black and darker in color.

If the lemons dry on the tree, their color will become lighter and yellowish or brown

Omani lemon filling

You can break the dried lemons and remove the lemon feathers.

How to store lemon feathers

To be able to store lemon feathers for a long time, you need to store them in a dry and cool place.Moisture can cause deterioration and moldiness of Omani lemon flakes….

Nutritional value table of Omani lemon per 100 grams
100 grams of lemon: 180 calories
Main ingredientsValue
total fat1.20 grams
carbohydrate63.26 grams
Provider4.20 grams
sugars10.14 grams
Pure carbohydrates
Calcium198.07 mg
copper0.39 mg
iron3.60 mg
magnesium36.01 mg
phosphorus108.04 mg
potassium612.20 mg
Selenium2.40 micrograms
sodium12.00 mg
Roy0.66 mg
Water29.53 grams
Cholesterol0.00 mg
Vitamin B10.18 mg
Vitamin B20.12 mg
Vitamin B31.20 mg
Vitamin B60.26 mg
Vitamin B948.02 micrograms
Vitamin B120.00 µg
Vitamin C174.66 mg
Vitamin E1.32 mg
Vitamin K3.60 micrograms
Vitamin A12.00 micrograms
Vitamin D0.00 µg

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