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Colored mineral rock salt

Halite, commonly known as table salt or rock mineral salt, is composed of sodium chloride (NaCl). It is necessary for human and animal life. Salt is used in food preparation all over the world

Samples of rock salt can be white, clear, blue, pink, yellow, red and purple. On the Mohs Hardness Scale of 1 to 10, rock salt is a 2.5, which means it is a very soft mineral that is approximately the same hardness as your fingernail. You can scratch salt with a copper penny, pocketknife or steel file. Rock salt crystals have a glassy luster, white streak and are salty to taste.

Colored mineral rock salt

Salt rocks are found in various colors depending on the minerals in them and their purity and impurity percentage. which is called colored rock salt.

White mineral rock salt

White mineral rock salt

White rock salt is one of the types of colored mineral rock salt, according to its properties, it is divided into 3 categories:

  • Excellent white rock salt: part of the edible category, the purity level is 99.5%, the amount of magnesium and calcium is zero. Type of application: for water purification and resin regeneration
  • First-class white rock salt: part of the edible category, some magnesium and calcium and reasonable price
  • Ice-streaked white rock salt: for livestock consumption and feed.
  • White rock salt has a lower price.

Application of white rock salt

  • Household consumption of table salt
  • Food industry, canning industry, meat industry, dairy industry, sausage and sausage production…..
  • Industrial uses of olive hardening, rubber production of aluminum industries and…
  • Decorative use as a decorative salt stone for making salt stone lampshades and salt stone lamps.
  • Salt brick White salt stone is widely used to make salt bricks in different sizes

Pink rock salt

Rock salt is a type of colored rock salt. Being rare, containing rare minerals, and the healing properties of this salt make it popular worldwide and millions of people around the world want to use it. People claim that rock salt is healthier than regular salt. Picture salt is chemically similar to table salt. This material contains 98% sodium chloride. This stone consists of 84% of rare minerals: potassium, magnesium, calcium and…

Properties of pink rock salt

Pink rock salt
  • With Pashwieh, it drives toxins from the body and removes bad energies from the body
  • Blood sugar and hormonal regulation (for patients)
  • It helps the salivary glands to move and digest food.
  • By inhaling it, it reduces respiratory, lung and sinus diseases.
  • Treat seasonal allergies and chest congestion by inhaling it
  • By bathing it, it refreshes and revives the skin
  • By bathing it, it cures acne and skin treatments and relieves muscle pain
  • Reducing and regulating blood pressure
  • Adjusting PH and reducing acid reflux, preventing the formation of kidney stones and improving bone density
  • Strengthening the body, muscles and spine and preventing arthritis and bone fractures
  • Gargling it relieves sore throats, from colds and flu
  • Help with hydration and regulation of body water

Red mineral rock salt

Red rock salt is found in the mines of the Himalayan mountains. This rock salt is one of the rarest types of colored rock salt in the world. This type of rock salt has more iron due to its red grains and thus has a higher value. The abundance of iron element in this type of rock salt is its trump card for decorative, edible and even cooking utensils. It is very unique for the taste of kebab.

Red mineral rock salt

Blue rock salt

Another type of rock salt is a colored mineral that is globally known as blue salt, which is a very rare and rare salt. This rock salt is table salt or edible salt, which has turned into this color due to the presence of some minerals such as sylvite, iron, calcium and potassium, and in certain weather and atmospheric conditions, as well as pressure and humidity.

In many countries of the world, water salt is used for different purposes. Some people in the world expose blue salt because of its eye-catching beauty, and some use it to heal sore eyes. Also, in some places, blue salt is used because of the minerals in it. The price of blue salt is much higher than ordinary salts because this substance is very rare.

Properties of blue salt rock

Blue rock salt
  • It has high potassium and is one of the best salts in the world
  • Contains sodium chloride with properties of 95%.
  • Has antiseptic and antibacterial properties
  • Blood pressure regulator
  • Regulator of body balance
  • Strong anti-stress
  • Regulation of sleep and relaxation of nerves
  • Help to digest food and solve digestive problems
  • Help to solve some respiratory problems
  • Increase body immunity
  • Prevents muscle spasms. Useful for oral hygiene

Orange rock salt

The orange and yellow rock salt extracted from the mines contain large amounts of impurities. The orange and yellow color in rock salt is affected by the presence of iron and sulfur in rock salt. It is rich in iron, amethyst and selenite. Because of its beautiful color, it is used as a decorative stone and decorative bricks. Türkiye and India demand this type of stone.

Orange rock salt

Properties of mineral rock salt

Rock salt is a rich source of rare and essential elements for the body: iron, calcium, magnesium, copper and potassium, lime, lead and…

Properties of rock salt

  • It has a hot and dry nature and absorbs body moisture and improves phlegm
  • Improvement of underactive thyroid
  • Body toxicity
  • Strengthening the body’s metabolism
  • Improve appetite and sleep
  • Reducing blood cholesterol
Colored mineral rock salt
  • Contribute to heart health
  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Improve bowel function
  • Prevent diabetes
  • Relief of muscle cramps
  • Improvement of depression
  • Prevention of cancer
  • Improvement of respiratory problems and sinusitis
  • Improvement of intestinal and digestive infections
  • Improvement of gum, mouth and teeth infections
  • Preventing the growth of digestive bacteria
  • Increased circulation of blood flow
  • air conditioner
  • Increased blood flow
  • Increase hydration to skin and hair
  • Nourishing, refreshing and rejuvenating the skin
  • It has a hot and dry nature and absorbs body moisture
  • Relaxing
  • Preventing the growth of environmental bacteria

Properties of edible rock salt

  • Strengthening the body’s metabolism
  • Improve appetite and sleep
  • Reducing blood cholesterol
  • Contribute to heart health
  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Improve bowel function
  • Prevent diabetes
  • Relief of muscle cramps
  • depression treatment
  • Prevention of cancer
  • Improvement of respiratory problems and sinusitis
  • Treatment of intestinal and digestive infections
  • Preventing the growth of digestive bacteria
  • Blood flow circulation
  • air conditioner

Storage conditions for rock salt

Rock salt should be stored in a dry, dark place away from all kinds of pollutants and dust.

This stone should never be in contact with metal surfaces and walls.

Comparative table of types of salt and colored rock salt

White rock saltBlue rock saltpink rock saltRed rock salt
AdvantagesIt is abundantly available and easy to access.It is abundantly available and easy to access.Its iron content is high and it has 84 other mineralsIt has more minerals than pink salt
In terms of priceIts price is cheapIt is very expensive due to its rarityIt is rarer than rock salt and more expensive than white saltIt is more expensive than pink salt
Where does it come from?Iran has huge resources of white rock saltThe country of Iran, the city of GarmsarThe country of Pakistan is the state of PunjabThe country of Pakistan is the state of Punjab
Annual production rateMore than 5 million tonsIt is rare and does not have an exact figureAbout 600 thousand tonsAbout 200 thousand tons
The main buyersPersian Gulf countries, Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, AfghanistanGermany, England, Italy
all over the worldall over the world
UsesFor all food and industrial industries and very wide use for making salt decorations“For oral use but adulterated samples and
painted to make decorative items”
“Edible use and tool making
Oral use

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