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Amazing properties of black peas

It is a kind of dark purple chickpea that has a lot of protein and is considered one of the foods of Central Asia, especially India. black peas is smaller than other chickpeas and has a brown-black color and a very thick skin. This chickpea has a warm and earthy taste. It has a thick and thick skin, so that it does not soften after hours of cooking.

These chickpeas are known for their high protein content and require more cooking than white chickpeas.  Like other legumes, this chickpea never becomes soft and is not easy to eat, and you have to be careful with your teeth, but this hardness should not prevent you from depriving yourself of its wonderful taste.

This plant is very similar to common peas; But the color of its seeds is dark coffee to black.

Black peas have high nutritional value. Because it contains large amounts of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin K, group B vitamins, phosphorus, iron, potassium, calcium and copper.

Black peas can be eaten in soups, soups, stews, rice, hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, purees, hummus, or alongside dishes such as chicken, red meat, fish, and cooked vegetables.

Properties of black Chickpea

  • Aid in digestion
  • Help maintain a healthy weight
  • Help reduce cholesterol
  • Reduce blood pressure and inflammation
  • Support eye and skin health
  • To strengthen the immune system
  • To prevent heart disease
  • Digestive health
  • Lowering blood cholesterol
  • To prevent cancer
  • Strengthen and increase hair growth
  • Prevention of osteoporosis

Disadvantages of black Chickpea

Black peas show their cough and allergy in people, which have symptoms such as runny nose, sputum, runny nose and sneezing.

If you have bladder problems and ulcers, I suggest you consume this chickpea because it causes problems.

Black peas are high in potassium and may interact with some medications, including beta-blockers.

Nutritional value of black peas

Nutrientsper 100 grams
carbohydrates 28 grams
Protein8.9 grams
fat 2 grams
fiber 6.2 grams
fat2.6 grams
sugar Loaf10.7 grams
Calcium184 mg
iron5.3 mg
magnesium160 mg
phosphorus346 mg
potassium875 mg
Manganese1.9 mg
Roy3.4 mg
copper0.8 mg

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