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licorice supplier and all of information about liquorice extract and powder

LICORICE  uses in Traditional Medicine,  Pharmaceutical industry , Confectionery , Beverage and food , Cosmetics , Tobacco ,Natural Sweetener , Spices , Pet food

What is licorice? (Liquorice)

Licorice is a plant native to the Mediterranean and Western Asian regions. The root of the licorice plant has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Chinese medicine has long used licorice root to treat many ailments, including gastrointestinal problems, malariainsomnia, and infections.

Licorice root is often used as a sweetener in beverages, candy, and medicine. It is 50 times sweeter than sugar but provides health benefits that sugar does not. Licorice root contains over 300 chemical compounds and flavonoids.

Glycyrrhizin, the most active chemical compound found in licorice, has been studied for its medicinal properties. This powerful phytochemical has been proven to reduce body fat, heal stomach ulcers, and fight infections.


How can we do supply  licorice for your company?

Licorice in different shapes is ready for you.

More Information about Licorice in: Licorice-Catalogue.pdf

We supply it for you with these shapes :

  • licorice root :

The self-growing roots are harvested from natural resources, which are free from any chemical and toxic agents. Once imported to the factory site, the extra leaves and branches are removed from the root and then they will be cleaned, sliced, dried and then in various processes according to customers order will be cut, ground and chopped.

licorice root
  • Licorice root powder:

For decades licorice root has been used in the form of powder. The pure and natural Licorice root powder is used in different cases: medicinal syrup, tea bags, herbal remedies for diseases and many more.

Licorice root powder
  • liquorice extract granula:

Licorice Extract Granules have the ability to dissolve quickly in hot water. The taste and flavor are super strong. By using the modern machinery in the factory.manufactuer has succeeded to transform the licorice extract mesh into 0.5 to 2 mm dimensional tiny granules. They have huge consumption in pharmaceutical industry.

Licorice Extract Granules in accordance with customer order will be packed in 20 or 25 KG paper bags.

liquorice extract granula
  • liquorice extract  powder :

To produce Licorice Extract Powder, we firstly select the best licorice roots from Iran or import from our factory in Azerbaijan Republic. After cleaning, drying and grinding of the roots, the extraction will proceed with 17 P.P.M. mineral water. The product is totally natural and pure with no additional substance. The color of licorice extract powder is yellowish brown.

The product mesh size is between 80 to 150 microns. In the final phase, licorice extract powder will be packed and sealed in nylon sacks and paper composite bags with a net weight of 25 KG.

liquorice extract  powder
  • liquorice extract solid :

Solid licorice extract blocks are one of the main products . In order to have pure and natural products, we only use the best quality and natural roots(Glycyrrhiza Glabra). Moreover we use mineral water, so the extract is without any additional substance .The color of solid licorice extract blocks is black. The final product will be checked by accurate metal detector to make sure there is no metal in blocks.

liquorice extract solid
  • licorice extract paste (liquid) :

Some factories prefer to use licorice extract paste (liquid). The main characteristic of licorice extract paste is quick dissolving in hot water. Due to its natural texture and semi fluid form, licorice extract paste is a favorite product for tobacco and food industries.

licorice extract paste (liquid)
  • Licorice extract nugget :

Licorice extract nuggets are one of our specialized products. The taste and flavor are strong and the color is also brownish black. The licorice extract nuggets are the small sizes of licorice extract blocks with a minor difference in color and moisture.

Licorice extract nugget
  • Licorice DGL

To produce Licorice DGL products, at first we select the best licorice roots. After cleaning, drying and grinding the roots in the extraction section, two products HGL (High Glycyrrhizinated Licorice) and DGL (Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice) will be produced. Both products are used in special industries. DGL is consumed mostly in medicine, food industry, confectionery and chocolate industry, child nutrition and pet food. Due to having low level of sugar and glycyrrhinated ingredient, Licorice DGL is a proper medicine for individuals who suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure, peptic ulcer.

Licorice DGL

Liquorice uses in

  • Traditional Medicine
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Confectionery
  • Beverage and food
  • Cosmetics
  • Tobacco
  • Natural Sweetener
  • Spices
  • Pet food

The quality grade of products can be supplied in accordance with customer requested analysis.

Licorice supplier (root , extract and powder)

There are different supplier for this products in the world .

But we know your market and know your inquiry

And we work with manufacturer and one of best producer , directly because of that we can do suitable products  and reasonable price for your company.

To be in accordance with the international and especially with the European quality management standards, main manufacturer  has succeeded in achieving the following ISO standards and accredited food certificates for observing and perseverance of high quality management system in both production and distribution system
HACCP, HALAL, GMP, CE, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 10668

Ayurvedic Mulethi or Liquorice root stick or jeshthamadh powder served in a bowl over moody background

What is licorice (liquorice ) HScode?

Licorice known with this  HS code  310212 in international trade

130212 – Vegetable saps and extracts; pectic substances, pectinates and pectates; agaragar and other mucilages and thickeners, whether or not modified, derived from vegetable products : Vegetable saps and extracts : Of liquorice

Which countries do buy liquorice root , extract and powder  from Iran?

Iran export licorice to some of countries in Europe , Asia , Africa

Germany , Netherlands , Serbia , emirate , Georgia , Australia , south Africa , Italy , turkey and Sweden are our customers.

We can send you liquorice extract and powder to the United States of America and Canada.


how can you import liquorice product  with HOSNAEXPORT company ?

For import licorice  products  by Hosna export company you should send :

  • Formal inquiry with details (letter of intent )
  • We give you corporate offer (proforma invoice) and sample if you need
  • Agreement to proceed and purchase order
  • Deposit paid to our account
  • Lead time and schedule
  • Packing in due your inquiry
  • Freight and certification for import (fob , c&f , cif)
  • Balance payment
  • Delivery your inquiry for liquorice products.

Licorice benefits

Canker Sores

Some past studies found that licorice root acted as an anti-inflammatory agent that speeds up healing of canker sores in the mouth. These sores are formally known as aphthous ulcers.

Chronic Bronchitis

There is some evidence that licorice root may slow the advance of chronic bronchitis in people who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).4 Chronic bronchitis causes long-term inflammation of the airways.

Colorectal Cancer

Some scientists believe that the antioxidant effects of licorice may help to lower your risk of certain cancers, primarily colorectal cancer. While the bulk of research has been limited to animal or test tube studies, some of it has been promising.


Functional Dyspepsia

When used in combination with other herbs, licorice root may help ease the pain of functional dyspepsia (FD). This is a disorder marked by bouts of upper abdominal discomfort.

Menopause and Menstrual Symptoms

Licorice root is a mainstay home remedy for women with menstrual cramps. It also is believed to help relieve many of the symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes.

Peptic Ulcers

The role of licorice in treating peptic ulcer disease has gained increasing interest in the scientific community. Notably, researchers have wanted to know its effect on bacteria called Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). It is the primary cause of peptic ulcers and one of the hardest infections to treat.

Licorice importer in the world

List of importers for the selected product in 2020

Product : 130212 Extracts of liquorice (excluding that with a sucrose content by weight of > 10% or in the form …

importersValue imported in 2020 (USD thousand)Trade balance in 2020 (USD thousand)Quantity imported in 2020Quantity UnitUnit value (USD/unit)Annual growth in value between 2016-2020 (%)Annual growth in quantity between 2016-2020 (%)Annual growth in value between 2019-2020 (%)
World141,58636,6830No quantity -8-2-3
United States of America20,368-12,1212,498Tons8,154-12-1252
United Arab Emirates14,595-2,3700No quantity -13 10
United Kingdom2,371-1,910281Tons8,43821-21
Russian Federation1,725-1,702113Tons15,265-21-22-33
Korea, Republic of1,143-687119Tons9,605-13-654
Taipei, Chinese1,003-1,001159Tons6,3082224
India1,002-8710No quantity 39 787
Spain978-7500No quantity -4 54

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