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Get to know the unique properties of onions and Dried Onion

Onion is one of the oldest edible vegetables in the world and Iran. It is a two-year plant with a weak bushy growth, cylindrical leaves. Onion is one of the main ingredients in cooking a variety of foods, which has many health benefits. Onion is very useful, which is effective in treating most diseases.

This edible substance is full of health benefits and can be used as a factor to prevent diseases.

Types of onions

  • yellow onion
  • Sweet onion (Vidalia)
  • Red onion
  • White onion
  • Chives
  • onion Shallots
  • Mountain onion

Yellow onion: Yellow onion is the most common type of onion that has a golden skin and white or yellowish white inner layers. This onion has a spicy taste.

Sweet Onion (Vidalia): Sweet onion has a pale, opaque skin and a sweet and crunchy taste. It is used to prepare: fried onions and salad. This is a great option to eat raw. The best type for hot onions

Red onion: Red onion has a purple-red skin and has a mild and sweet taste.

White onion: White onion has a white and thick skin. This onion is suitable for soups, stews and sauces.

Chives: Chives are small, green onions that have a pungent taste. Suitable for decorating food, salads and sandwiches.

onion Shallots: onion Shallots is a perennial plant that has small white onions. These onions have a spicy taste.

Mountain onion: Chives are a perennial plant that has small, green chives. These onions have a spicy taste and are used to prepare pickles, salads and sandwiches.

Medicinal properties of onions

Dried Onion
  • Fight against cancer
  • Improve heart health
  • Lowering blood sugar
  • Improving digestion and strengthening the stomach
  • Maintaining bone health
  • Prevent inflammation and allergies
  • For colds and improving the immune system
  • Improve breathing
  • eye health
  • Treatment of ear infection
  • Improve oral health
  • Increase energy
  • Improve sexual health
  • Strengthen brain health
  • Improve sleep
  • Help treat fever
  • Reducing stress
  • Menstrual pain relief
  • skin glow
  • Anti aging skin medicine
  • Treatment of insect bites
  • Treatment of skin spots
  • Promote hair growth
  • Reduction of white hair

Disadvantages of onions

  • Severe decrease in blood sugar
  • Heartburn
  • Vomiting, nausea
  • Allergy on the skin
  • Bad breath
  • Severe drop in blood pressure
  • Increased risk of bleeding and bruising
  • Increased lithium
  • Pregnant women and people who take aspirin tablets should not use onions

Dried Onion

It is a freshly harvested onion and it dries for a long time.Dried onion can be used in various dishes: All kinds of stew, soup, eggplant curd and … .

Dried onions can be stored for several months. The best place to store onions is a cool, dry and well-ventilated place.

The properties of dried onion will be determined according to the constituents of the onion, from vitamins to minerals. Onion is a source of vitamin C and contains abundant amounts of B vitamins, fiber, potassium and a little sulfur.

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Importer Dried Onion the world

Product: 071290 Dried Onion

ImportersSelect your indicators
Value imported in 2022 (USD thousand)Trade balance in 2022 (USD thousand)Quantity imported in 2022Quantity UnitUnit value (USD/unit)Annual growth in value between 2018-2022 (%)Annual growth in quantity between 2018-2022 (%)
World33596613453620No quantity11
United States of America339492-10187976294Tons445070
United Kingdom97811-8686426652Tons36700-6
Korea, Republic of96031-8971319624Tons489461
Viet Nam86445-6432012591Tons6866-27-15
Hong Kong, China84342-6699416957Tons4974-20-24
Russian Federation67302-6074229149Tons23091516
Hungary51442-86740No quantity13

List of importers for the selected product in 2022

Properties of dried onions suitable for frying

  • Dried Onion is fried much faster and requires less time
  • Less oil is used to fry this product
  • Saving fuel and energy costs
  • It is easier to fry
  • Its volume does not decrease

Dried onion suitable for grinding:

  • It is used as onion powder. Onion powder has many uses in various food industries.
  • Using it to prepare and produce breadcrumbs
Dried Onion
  • Use as a spice
  • Consumption in ready soup factories
  • Consumption in chips and snack factories
  • Its use in meat products factories
  • It is used in catering and food production factories : chicken ham, nuggets, meat sausages, hamburgers are used
  • And…

Properties of Dried Onion

  • Hematopoietic product
  • Prevent blood clotting
  • Help cure colds
  • Reducing high blood pressure
  • Relief of inflammation caused by insect bites
  • Has antioxidant and anti-cancer properties
  • Strengthening the body’s defense and immunity system
  • Effective in maintaining the health of skin and hair
  • Strengthening sexual powers
  • Enhance vision
  • Anti-stress
  • anti allergy
  • Helping the health of the mouth and teeth
  • Slow down the process of osteoporosis
  • Strengthening sexual powers Relief of all types of pain and inflammation
Table of nutritional value per 100 grams of Dried onion:
carbohydrate32 grams
Protein7 grams
Energy213 kcal
fiber12 mg
iron21 mg
phosphorus290 mg
potassium362 mg
fat1 gram
Nutritional value table of raw onion
The main constituentAmount per 100 grams
energy (calories)40 kcal
carbohydrate9.34 grams
Protein1.10 grams
fat0.10 grams
Water89.11 grams
fiber1.70 grams
sugar Loaf4.24 grams
Cholesterol0.00 mg
Raw onion vitamins
The name of the vitaminAmount per 100 grams
Vitamin A0.00 µg
Vitamin D0.00 µg
Vitamin E0.02 mg
Vitamin K0.40 micrograms
Vitamin C7.40 mg
Thiamine (B1)0.05 mg
Riboflavin (B2)0.03 mg
Niacin (B3)0.12 mg
Choline (B4)6.10 mg
pantothenic acid (B5)0.12 mg
Vitamin B60.12 mg
Folate (B9)19.00 micrograms
Vitamin B120.00 mg
Raw onion minerals
The name of the mineralAmount per 100 grams
Calcium23.00 mg
iron0.21 mg
magnesium10.00 mg
phosphorus29.00 mg
potassium146.00 mg
sodium4.00 mg
Roy0.17 mg
copper0.04 mg
Manganese0.13 mg
selenium0.50 micrograms

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