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Exporter of vanilla powder and benefits of vanilla

Vanilla is a plant fruit from the Salep  family. This plant is in the form of a stick or a thin, black pod, whose seeds are fermented after processing to release its aroma Vanilla has various uses, especially in the food industry, and is used as a flavoring in all kinds of sweets, cakes, biscuits, coffee, yogurt, ice cream and all kinds of desserts.


vanilla powder

Vanilla powder is different from the vanilla plant. The vanilla plant is native to regions such as India, Mexico and South America and is cultivated in these regions and has a special taste and aroma due to the presence of a substance called vanillin . But vanilla powder contains vanilla essence and aroma. This powder is sold in 2 types of sugar and simple. Sugar vanilla is the powdered vanilla that is mixed with sugar.

vanilla powder

Features of vanilla

Vanilla is a soothing spice and the best medicine to deal with anxiety, worry and everyday stress and reduces the desire to overeat by controlling hunger. As a result, it is a suitable option for weight loss.

Other therapeutic properties of vanilla include preventing tooth decay, treating stomach pain and ulcers, relieving nausea, regulating menstruation, preventing cancer, improving neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, stimulating the secretion of male and female hormones, preventing allergies, Sinus treatment indicated. Cough, reducing inflammation caused by convulsions and fever and treating inflammation of the digestive tract.

However, consuming too much vanilla can cause headaches, skin rashes, and insomnia.

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Botanically, vanilla is a member of the Orchidaceae family.

There are three main types of vanilla used for culinary purposes:

Common name and alternate names…Primarily grown in…Botanical Name (and alternate)…
Bourbon vanilla Madagascar vanilla Mexican vanillaMadagascar, Indonesia, and Mexico*Vanilla planifolia (Vanilla fragrans)
Tahitian VanillaSouth PacificVanilla tahitensis
Guadeloupe vanilla Antilles vanilla Banana vanillaWest Indies, Central America, and South America (Peru)**Vanilla pompona
vanilla powder

Nutrient content of vanilla

Water52.58 g
Energy288 kilojoules
Protein1205 g
total lipid (fat)0.06 g
ash0.26 g 
Carbohydrates, with a difference12.6 g
Sugars, total including NLEA12.65 g
Calcium11 mg
iron0.12 mg
magnesium11 mg]
phosphorus6 mg
potassium148 mg
sodium9 mg
Roy0.11 mg

Types of vanilla

Vanilla plant is available in the form of liquid vanilla, vanilla extract, natural vanilla powder, which varies depending on the type of consumption.

Importer of vanilla and vanilla powder in the world                                                       

Product : 0905 Vanilla    

ImportersSelect your indicators
Value imported in 2022 (USD thousand)Trade balance in 2022 (USD thousand)Quantity imported in 2022Quantity UnitUnit value (USD/unit)Annual growth in value between 2018-2022 (%)
United States of America350745-3381531987Tons176520-15
United Kingdom14381-11388315Tons45654-6
Korea, Republic of4197-418122Tons1907732
Czech Republic3311-18716Tons206938-7
United Arab Emirates2692-7680No quantity12
South Africa14491638Tons181125-15
Saudi Arabia1299255164Tons792116
Cayman Islands1282-128211Tons116545-22
New Zealand1026-3948Tons128250-16

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