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Rosewater import and supplier rosewater


Rosewater is a product that is prepared from the distillation of rose flowers.

Due to the fact that Iran is one of the largest producers of this product has a high export capacity.

we are one of exporter and supplier rosewater.

More Information about Rock Candy  in: Rose-Water-Catalogue.pdf


rosewater import

Iranian rosewater are exported to several countries, and countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Spain, China, France, Japan, the Netherlands, Turkey, Canada, etc. are among the importers of Iranian rosewater.

High quality Rose flowers and advanced and traditional factories in which the necessary standards for rose production are observed have all made Iran have a satisfactory performance in the export of rosewater in the domestic and foreign markets.

Kashan rosewater export, like its production, has a historical history and it can be said that rosewater making in Kashan is 800 years old.

Most Mohammadi flower gardens are in the cities of Ghamsar, Barzak and Niasar Kashat. The high quality of Kashan rose is one of the reasons that has increased the export of Kashan rosewater and many countries request to buy it.

Hosna export company supply rosewater from iran with high can import rosewater with this specification from us.

Specification for rosewater import

Rosewater with HS code: 33019011 is known in the world market.

Rosewater specification
HS code :33019011
Weight:300 ml ,500 ml ,1000 ml
Packing:Glass bottle and pp bottle
 box:24 ,24 and 12 numbers
Price :Contact us
Quality :A grade(food grade)
Minimum order :10000 box

How can you import rosewater and rosebud?

1.what types of packing of rosewater  do your customer or distributers need?

Rosewater:  Packing for this product is different. And every company and merchant have difference inquiry.

We suggest these products in kinds of weight like (300 ml , 500 ml , 1000 ml )

Packing for these products can be in jar and  and pet bottle (plastic). It depend what kinds of weight and packing do your customer like?

rosewater you need import rosewater  with your brand or our brand?

Most of our rosewater  are with producer  brand and ready it in their  carton but if you need your special packing and brand , you should tell it to us and we can ready rosewater  with your brand .

So we can do packing this products with white label and private label that you can take your name and brand on it in your country. many of rosewater  you can sell for first import?

You have to know for first time how much rosewater and rosebud  you can sell in your market. If you are old importer of rosewater , so you know your market but if you are new in your market you should forecast that how much rosewater and rosebud  you can sell in your market.

or you can  talk with your distributers ,they guide you.

rosebud you can buy directly rosewater and rosebud from IRAN ?

YES you can buy and import rosebud and rosewater  directly . because there are many supplier for rosewater and rosebud  in Iran.

 Remember ,you try to buy this products from merchants and companies that they know your market and their market . and they can guide you better from another person .

 Hosna export company is one of these companies that can supply your market and they can ready best packing and reasonable price  for your company.

5.what country have import rosewater and rosebud?

Rosewater  export to India , Saudi Arabia ,emirate, Iraq ,Kuwait , Turkey , Russia , France , Germany , UK  , Belgium , Netherlands ,Switzerland , Spain , Qatar , Oman , Malaysia , Indonesia , Bangladesh , United state ,Australia .

rosewater can you import rosewater and rosebud with HOSNAEXPORT company ?

For import rosewater and rosebud  by Hosna export company you should send :

Formal inquiry with details (letter of intent )

We give you corporate offer (proforma invoice)

Agreement to proceed and purchase order

Deposit paid to our account

Lead time and schedule

Packing in due your inquiry

Freight and certification for import rosewater and rosebud

Balance payment

Delivery dates to cusromer

7.what kinds of products we can supply?

We supply kind of dried and fresh dates , syrup dates and dates paste here

 dried figs from Iran and Turkey here

pistachio and pistachio kernel from Iran here

 dried apricots and kayisi from Iran Afghanistan and Uzbekistan  here

 raisins and currants from Iran , Uzbekistan and Afghanistan  here

 jujube and senjed from iran and Uzbekistan here

dried prunes from Iran and Uzbekistan here 

barberry and sumac from Iran here

Hosna export also is rosebud supplier

Rosebud is another product of Hosna export company which is prepared for export in the form of packaging and excellent quality.
This product is exported to different countries of the world.
The most important export destinations of Iranian rosebuds and its main importers are Turkey, Germany, UAE, Oman, Qatar.
We are ready to export rosebuds to the United States, Canada and the European Union with the best quality.

rosebud specification

HS code:121190
Weight:10 kg
Quality:A grade
Payment term:TT
Rose Bud Tea Benefits and retail price click here
Products:Rosebud leaves
HS code:121190
Weight:8 kg
Quality:A grade
Payment term:TT

if you need more information about rosebud click here

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